July  2023 65
Media Education in the Age of Digital Capitalism
作者 對談人:大衛.帕金翰、龔偉亮、呂安娜
Author Discussants: David BUCKINGHAM, Weiliang GONG, Anna LYU
摘要 「媒介教育不是一種預防措施,也不是一種行為矯正手段。它的目的在於培養批判性的理解,包括理解社交媒體業務的運作方式,以及鼓勵人們檢視和反思自己對媒體的使用。我們每個人都必須學會做出自己的選擇,而為了做到這一點,我們需要得到適當的知識和教育。」
Abstract This dialogue features Prof. David Buckingham, a leading internationally recognized expert on children’s and young people’s interactions with electronic media and on media literacy education. In this dialogue, Prof. Buckingham provides a theoretical and historical analysis of the cutting-edge theme of “media education in the age of digital capitalism.” He emphasizes that in today’s technologically driven business environment, media education is not just a preventative measure or a means of behavior modification but rather seeks to develop a critical understanding of the media. In response to the overemphasis on media studies and media education research, he stresses the need to understand media in a broader cultural, political, and economic context. Media education in the age of digital capitalism should make a difference, but ultimately, the issues at stake are not only about media or education. Regarding concerns about “fake news,” he points out the importance of moving beyond the simplistic dichotomy between “true” and “fake” and focusing on the use and learning of media analysis methods. He also looks forward to how China will develop its own unique path in media education.


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Buckingham, D., Gong, W., & Lyu, A. (2023). Media education in the age of digital capitalism. Communication and Society, 65, 1–30.
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