July  2022 61
Media Effects Research in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Algorithms: Insights from a Pioneering Interdisciplinary Scholar
作者 對談人:施亞姆.桑達爾、宋韻雅、郄瑞峰
Author Discussants: S. Shyam SUNDAR, Yunya SONG, Ruifeng QIE
摘要 「計算方面取得的進展,比我們預想的還要深刻得多。現在,我們能夠獲取到更多比我們的理論設想更具化的數據。因此,這就好比我們手中有一把很大的錘子,卻只看到一顆顆小釘子。有時我們用這把大錘子來敲打那些很小的釘子,花了大力氣,卻收效甚微。目前我們只能描述看到的現象,但仍無法解釋在培養皿中發生的所有事情,因為有太多未知機體或未知因素在起作用,卻無法被當前的理論所解釋。這就是為什麼我們需要更多在地化理論來解釋這些用先進方法捕捉到的現實,並幫助我們釐清看到的這一切。」
Abstract This dialogue features Professor S. Shyam Sundar, a distinguished scholar known for his pioneering work on social and psychological effects of human computer interaction (HCI) and computer-mediated communication (CMC) with specific focus on technological elements unique to online communication via modern media. He was identified as the most published author of Internet related research in the field during the medium’s first decade. He is a theorist as well as an experimentalist who uses a rich variety of quantitative and qualitative approaches in his research, including computationally intensive methods. In this dialogue, Professor Sundar shares his career journey thus far with readers: a chronicle of his experiences in academia as a student and researcher, the uncertainties he faced, the obstacles to success and well-being, and the pervasive role of intellectual passion. He identifies the main areas and current dynamics of media-effects research and provides recommendations for future directions for research in the age of artificial intelligence, automation, and algorithms.


Citation of this article:
Sundar, S. S., Song, Y., & Qie, R. (2022). Media effects research in the age of artificial intelligence, automation, and algorithms: Insights from a pioneering interdisciplinary scholar. Communication and Society, 61, 1–23.
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