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The Myth of Knowledge and Its Cultural Legitimacy: The Case of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"
作者 蕭小穗
Author XIAO Xiaosui
關鍵詞 知識神話,神話建構,文化合法性,知識問答遊戲,《百萬富翁》
Keywords The myth of knowledge, myth construction, cultural legitimacy, quiz show, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”
摘要 :《百萬富翁》知識問答遊戲在2001年的香港,如同在其他地區和國家一樣,締造了一個收視的奇跡,這與其看作一個金錢神話,不如看作一個知識神話。本文的目的是探討這一神話建構的有效性和文化合法性。有關神話建構之有效性和合法性的討論不僅可以幫助解讀該類節目的一個深層訊息(知識神話),更可以揭示一個被忽略了的重要問題,即傳媒建構的合法性問題。這一個案分析有助於深入認識傳媒建構與文化傳統的關係。
Abstract In 2001, the popular quiz show “Who wants to be a millionaire” set off a sustained craze in Hong Kong, as it had done in many other places of the world. Instead of marveling at the working of one million incentive, we should see the show as a success in creating a new myth of knowledge. This article aims to examine the effectiveness and the cultural legitimacy of this mythical construction. The examination cannot only help to decode a profound message of this kind of TV programme (i.e., the myth of knowledge), but also contribute to understanding the significant but ignored issue concerning the cultural legitimacy of media construction. This case study provides insight about the intricate relationship between media construction and cultural tradition.
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