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Global Chinese Films and Hollywood Blockbusters
作者 朱 影
Author ZHU Ying
關鍵詞 華語電影、張藝謀、好萊塢、巴西電影、奧斯卡
Keywords Chinese films, Zhang Yimou, Hollywood, Brazilian movies, Oscar
摘要 文章以中國電影導演張藝謀為例探討產業實踐、創意條件以及文本策略對於電影跨文化吸引力的影響,並將中國國際化電影人的策略與其他來自非英語國家和地區的擁有同樣跨文化夢想的電影人策略作比較。文章還分析了好萊塢的成功如何得力於美國强大的文化和經濟實力,强調我們在討論好萊塢的成功時必須提到好萊塢是由經濟文化實力强大的美國所支持的國際電影文化中心。
Abstract Using Zhang Yimou’s cinematic practice as an example, this essay explores the confluence of industrial practices, creative prerequisites, textual strategies, and audience dynamics that lend a film its cross-cultural appeal. It further compares the strategies of transnational Chinese filmmakers to those of other “crouching tigers,” filmmakers from other non-English speaking regional film markets who have stalked the cross-cultural ideal. The essay acknowledges the influence on transnational Chinese cinema of blockbuster practice perfected by Hollywood and emphasizes the frequently overlooked fact that the prominence of Hollywood as a vibrant film center has benefited from the status of the United States as a global economic and cultural super power.
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