April  2021 56
Opportunities, Challenges, and Thoughts of Public Relations and Strategic Communication
作者 黄懿慧、黃煜、敖頌
Author Yi-Hui Christine HUANG, Yu HUANG, Song AO
摘要 「一直以來,公共關係都被認為是一個重視組織視角、促銷與盈利的行業或專業。但是,過去十幾年來,我持續在倡導『尊重公眾』的視角,以及重視降低衝突、危機、風險及信任等各類『成本控損』的概念。這個倡議,也逐漸在相關領域的研究議程中得到印證。議題管理、危機管理、折衝與談判,都是公共關係重要的核心概念與知識。剛剛所提到的雙向溝通、互動、對話、即時、跨界、資料分析、共創、對話、涉入與參與、聲譽、和諧關係、信任管理等概念,也成為相關研究的核心主題。」
Abstract Prof. Yi-Hui Christine Huang is a distinguished scholar in the field of public relations. In this dialogue, Prof. Huang was invited to share her insights on the development of public relations research. To start with, she introduced the history of public relations, by mentioning the paradigm shift from media exposure to relationship management. She clarified the cross-disciplinary feature of public relations as a field, and illustrated the origin, development process, and meanings of the relationship management perspective. She also mentioned that social media provides a mutual communication channel which empowers publics in the interaction with organizations. Such channel raises the importance of organization-public relationships and engagement in both academia and industries.

Then Prof. Huang addressed the legitimacy issue of public relations as an academic discipline. She compared the development and current situation of public relations discipline development in the United States and China. In the United States, legitimacy of public relations is not a problem anymore. But it is still challenged according to identity, efficiency, and morality in China, even with an increasing demand of public relations scholars and professions. She suggested that body of knowledge is essential to the legitimacy and development of public relations as a discipline, and used the Communication Perspective Context (CPC) model to explicate the central body of knowledge of public relations research: the transparent, mutually beneficial, and long-term relationship between organizations and publics.

Prof. Huang also shared her thoughts about adopting U.S.-centered public relations theories to the Chinese context. She suggested scholars to consider both theories and specific cultural context, to improve the theory validity in different contexts. Regarding the development of digital technologies, she discussed opportunities of public relations research, and pointed out the benefits and concerns of using big data in public relations research. Finally, Prof. Huang offered some suggestions to students and young scholars about doing research.



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Huang, Y.-H. C., Huang, Y., & Ao, S. (2021). Opportunities, challenges, and thoughts of public relations and strategic communication. Communication and Society, 56, 1–24.
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