October  2020 54
Media Effects and People Effects: How Scholarship Matters
作者 詹寧斯.布萊恩特、周樹華
Author Jennings BRYANT, Shuhua ZHOU
摘要 「新生代的媒介信息消費和傳播行為並非如此。相反,他們創造簡潔、短暫,而且往往是非正式的,甚至是古怪的信息,在TikTok、Instagram或類似的非機構化『把關』的平台上發布,這些信息可能會被一個人、少數人或數百萬『粉絲』接收和消費。這些信息可能對用戶沒有任何影響,也有可能對人們的聲譽、自我認知、自尊或類似的東西產生巨大影響,而我們才剛剛開始將這些因素納入考量。」
Abstract This dialogue features Dr. Jennings Bryant, an authority on many of communication’s prominent research areas. The discussions center around two main themes: how scholarship empowers media and empowers people. Dr. Bryant offers his candid and insightful assessments on research in media effects, entertainment, media psychology, sports communication, and media pornography. While the pictures are not always rosy, meaningful and significant research has a lot to offer to shape the media landscape in flux, and to empower the scholar as a person.


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Bryant, J., Zhou, S., & Chen, Y. (2020). Media effects and people effects: How scholarship matters. Communication & Society, 54, 1–26.
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