October  2020 54
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From News to Fan Pages: A Preliminary Study of Social Media Editors’ Reconstitution of Public Discourse
作者 劉慧雯
Author Hui-Wen LIU
關鍵詞 新聞、社群媒體、小編、公共話語、框架
Keywords news, social media, social media editor, public discourse, framing
摘要 在社群媒體已成為閱聽人主要新聞通道的前提下,本文討論社群小編將新聞轉載到社群媒體上時,如何透過小編貼文重新框架新聞。藉由資訊工具,本研究蒐集了台灣地區五十個臉書粉絲專頁在三個目標事件發生後連續五天的相關貼文,藉由耙梳API裡的連結欄位,將新聞原文取回,然後利用中文斷詞器將新聞原文與小編貼文斷詞處理。在比對新聞與貼文的用詞重疊率後,本研究發現小編貼文大致上與新聞原文呈現60–80%重疊率,而且重疊比例不受新聞型態的影響。不過,進一步分析新聞與貼文的用詞變化細節後發現,小編較偏好情緒性的用詞、非官方消息來源;在說明消息來源時,較常指稱個人而非政府職位。就此而言,小編貼文已經改動了新聞的公共話語面貌。
Abstract Under the premise that social media have become the major news channels for audiences, this article addresses how community curators reframe news when they repost news onto social media. With information tools, this research collected relevant posts from 50 fan pages on Facebook in Taiwan for five consecutive days following the occurrence of three targeted events. By examining the link address of the API, the researcher was able to retrieve the original posts to compare the percentage of overlap between the original posts and the curators’ reposts by applying the Chinese word tagger. The author found a 60%–80% overlap between curators’ reposts and the original news reports, and the news format was not a factor in the overlap rate. However, after further analyzing the details of the word tagging between the original news and the reposts, the researcher discovered that the curators tended to use more emotional wording as well as non-official news sources. When referring to news sources, curators tended to point to a person instead of a governmental official’s title. From this perspective, curators’ reposts transformed the public discourse about the news.


Citation of this article:
Liu, H.-W. (2020). From news to fan pages: A preliminary study of social media editors’ reconstitution of public discourse. Communication & Society, 54, 161–192.
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