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The Impact of Social Media Use and Intercultural Life Adaptation among Chinese Mainland Students in Taiwan
作者 黃亞楠、蘇蘅
Author Ya-Nan HUANG, Herng SU
關鍵詞 跨文化適應、社交媒體、陸生、主文化、跨文化溝通
Keywords cross cultural adaptation, social media, Chinese students, host culture, intercultural communication
摘要 本研究主要探討大陸地區來台就學的學生如何應用社交媒體,達到跨文化適應,並探討陸生在台求學不同階段的符號、態度、價值與知識的交換與協商,以深度訪談訪問14名就讀台灣不同公私立大學碩博士班的陸生。結果顯示,陸生的社交媒體使用和在台生活適應有密切的對應關係,以娛樂和社交為使用最大宗。其次,他們在大陸習慣使用的微信、微博對於維持原有的親密人際關係非常重要,但是在台灣的社交媒體如臉書對人際關係的作用卻有限。第三,臉書是用來觀察與學習台灣文化的一扇窗,然而因為意識形態和文化認同歧異,陸生的社交媒體出現自我揭露的多重性、分裂的認同和小心翼翼的自我審查。陸生每日穿梭在不同社交媒體平台,接觸更豐富多元資訊,因此化身為資訊搬送者,自覺成為兩岸間的文化中介,來回搬運和轉譯資訊。然而卻無法解決深層次、涉及意識形態分歧以及文化價值差異的溝通問題。
Abstract Social media has become increasingly popular components of our everyday life in today’s globalizing society. They provide a context where people across the world can communicate, exchange messages, share knowledge, and interact with each other regardless of the distance that separates them. This paper attempts to investigate how the impact of using social media on the intercultural adaptation process among Chinese mainland students in Taiwan. In-depth interviews of 14 Chinese students in seven universities in Taiwan are conducted. The results show that the term “social media use” can be considered ambiguous and has multiple meanings in cyberspace in mainland China and Taiwan. Since Taiwan and mainland China have been at odds for seven decades, this research reveals that mainland Chinese students in Taiwan quickly noticed the schism and tended to manage their self-disclosure and identity with lots self-awareness. Their social media communication reflected different and innovative way for connecting with friends in Taiwan and mainland China that influenced their acculturation process.



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Huang, Y.-N., & Su, H. (2019). The impact of social media use and intercultural life adaptation among Chinese mainland students in Taiwan. Communication & Society, 50 , 59–97.
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