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Media Interaction in Social Networks: An Empirical Analysis of Sina Weibo
作者 王昀
Author Yun WANG
關鍵詞 社交網絡、新聞生產、微博、社會化網絡分析
Keywords social network, news production, Weibo, social network analysis
摘要 社交媒體的普及為當今新聞生產帶來新舊觀念的危機感,然而,不同類型媒介生產者的競合生態,仍有待於納入同一關係網絡,從而檢視其爭取自身認同的身份場域。透過對新浪微博資料的社會化網絡分析,本研究旨在勾勒各類媒體在社交網絡中的彼此相對位置,探討媒體間整體互動關係。年際時間變化趨勢顯示媒體互動密度在前期上升之後略有下滑,網絡中心勢則歷經低點後逐漸提升,呈現中心媒體近來對媒體網絡的更強控制力。傳統主流媒體維繫了在互動結構的權力核心地位,新興媒介平台以及自媒體帳號則多處於邊緣化位置。此外,不同形態媒體之間並未形成各自封閉圈層,一部分媒體微博由於相近的專業性資訊產生相對靠近的集群,提升了線上新聞的內容協作性。在探討媒體間互動結構基礎之上,未來或可繼續關注線上新聞的內容偏向性、生產規範以及跨平台融合行為,進而繼續回應社交網絡帶來的資訊產制影響。
Abstract The emergence of social media brought the sense of crisis about contradictions between new and old media. However, the co-opetition of different media typologies should be examined in an integrated relation network and identity field. This paper employs social network analysis to describe the relative positions of various media Weibo accounts, and explore media interaction relations as a whole. A 5-year time trend shows that the density of interactive network has declined slightly after the previous rise, and the network centralization gradually improved after a trough, which indicates central media’s increasing control. Traditional mainstream media maintain their core power in interactive structure while most new media platforms and self-media are marginalized. In addition, media in different forms do not interact in their own closed circle. The demassification trend unites professional media Weibo together and improves the cooperation of online news production. Based on the perspective of media interactive structure, researches may continue to discuss the content bias, news professionalism and transmedia convergence in online journalism and further respond to social media’s impact on information production.



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Wang, Y. (2019). Media interaction in social networks: An empirical analysis of Sina Weibo. Communication & Society, 50, 159–186.
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