October  2018 46
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Keyboard Participation: A Case Study on the Civic Hacking Community “g0v.tw”
作者 鄭婷宇、林子倫
Author Ting Yu CHENG, Tze Luen LIN
關鍵詞 零時政府、開源社群協作、公民參與、分散式社群、開放政府
Keywords g0v, open-source community collaboration, citizen participation, distributed community, open government
摘要 網路原生世代以社群為網絡進行串聯、以科技為工具參與政治,人民參與政治的成本降低,自主性提高,讓「鍵盤參與」從虛擬走向現實,化為實際可見的公民力量。


Abstract The digitally native generation employs technology to participate in our dynamic society in the form of communities. They engage in “keyboard participation” in various ways, from virtual conversation to real civic engagement.

Established in 2012, g0v (pronounced as gov-zero) is a distributed, civic hacking community. Members collaborate to translate the once dull, obscure, and scattered materials held by authorities into easily accessible and visual information. In this way, g0v devotes itself to building information transparency in the spirit of a civil, concerned society and bridges the information gap between the government and citizens; that is, it both enlightens and empowers citizens to oversee the government.

By choosing g0v for our case study, we expect to construct a suitable theoretical explanation on the basis of traditional “citizen participation” theories in combination with recent “network link and mobilization” studies. This is a new frontier of research that includes citizen participation with ICT ability, which will witness and record a developing model of collaborative participation. This study views civil community as a unit to observe how an open-source culture works via ICT as a tool for collaboration with g0v members.

Through the “Share-Collaboration-Collective action” framework, we discover that the “open-source collaboration” approach has positive utilities for interdisciplinary cooperation and lowers the threshold for citizen participation in public affairs. In g0v, technology collaborates with civil society; within this cross-border exchange, it creates a novel culture of citizen participation.



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Cheng, T. Y., & Lin, T. L. (2018). Keyboard participation: A case study on the civic hacking community “g0v.tw.” Communication & Society, 46, 15–51.
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