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What Technological Controversies Do You Sing? The Implications for Democratization of the Science Knowledge Communicated by Taiwan’s Anti-Nuke Movement Singers
作者 黃俊儒
Author Chun-Ju HUANG
關鍵詞 科技爭議、邊界物、反核運動、科學知識民主化
Keywords technological controversy, boundary object, anti-nuke movement, science knowledge democratization
摘要 晚近台灣許多科技爭議的社會運動中,逐漸看見越來越多藝文人士的參與,在運動中鼓舞民眾、激勵情緒。這些文化展演的活動具有催化民眾關心社會事務的功能,並能作為促進議題討論的邊界物角色,其過程及作用值得進一步的瞭解。

Abstract In recent decades, an increasing number of cultural workers and artists have joined social movements centered on technological controversies to inspire the participants' enthusiasm. Cultural performance not only motivates the public's concern about social events but also plays the role of a "boundary object" to improve the public's discussions about related issues. These phenomena are investigated in a case study of the anti-nuke movement in Taiwan. The data were collected in-depth interviews with singers, participant observations, lyrics, and video archives. The process by which the singers participated in the movement was analyzed, and the democratized science knowledge they possessed was categorized. The categories of democratized science knowledge included political skepticism, risk probability, life philosophy, reflections about technological development, and division of labor. The results showed that the reasons that the singers participated in the movement included long-term concerns about the social movement, the stimulation of the context of the event, and friendship networks. These results indicate that if the cultural performance in a social movement centered on technological controversy involved predictable knowledge, negotiable knowledge, and expandable knowledge, the democratization of science knowledge would be enhanced and socially robust knowledge could be constructed in a proactive and positive manner.


黃俊儒(2017)。〈你唱的是什麼科技爭議?台灣反核音樂人傳播的科學知識民主化意涵〉。《傳播與社會學刊》,第41 期,頁149–179。

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Huang, C.-J. (2017). What technological controversies do you sing? The implications for democratization of the science knowledge communicated by Taiwan's anti-nuke movement singers. Communication & Society, 41, 149–179.
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