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The Influence of Emotionality on the Diffusion of Information on Microblogs about Social Events: The Effect of Involvement
作者 陳爽、張錚、王可欣、周明潔
Author Shuang CHEN, Zheng ZHANG, Ke-Xin WANG, Ming-Jie ZHOU
關鍵詞 微博、情緒性、認知捲入度、情感捲入度、資訊傳播
Keywords microblog, emotionality, cognitive involvement, affective involvement, information diffusion
摘要 微博等社交媒體已成為大眾發佈、分享、獲取資訊的重要平台。何種內容的微博資訊更容易被傳播受到研究者們熱切關注。本文主要探討社會事件類微博情緒性對資訊傳播的影響,並探明該影響的機制,以及是否存在調節變量,使得某些條件下該影響更強。本文抓取真實微博文本,進行三個系列研究,研究一使用文本分析工具,考察微博情緒性對資訊傳播的影響。研究二採用人工評價微博的方法,探明為什麼情緒性會對資訊傳播產生影響。研究三同樣使用人工評價,探討影響情緒性與資訊傳播二者間關係的調節變量。結果發現:微博文本情緒性顯著正向影響資訊傳播,情感捲入度(即:喚起程度)完全仲介微博情緒性對資訊傳播的影響,認知捲入度(即:與自己的相關程度)在微博情緒性影響資訊傳播的過程中起到調節作用。具體的:對於認知捲入度高的微博,文本情緒性顯著正向影響資訊傳播,但是對於認知捲入度低的微博,文本情緒性對資訊傳播的影響不顯著。
Abstract The question of what causes a microblog message to go viral has frequently been addressed. In this research, we investigated the content of microblog posts. Among the different characteristics of microblogs, we focused on emotional content in order to shed light on how they contribute to causing microblog messages to go viral. In study 1, we investigated the relationship between microblog emotionality and information diffusion. In study 2, we explored the psychological mechanism by which microblog emotionality influences information diffusion. Finally, in study 3 we further examined the moderator between microblog emotionality and information diffusion. Our findings showed that the larger the proportion of emotional words in a microblog post text, the more often it was retweeted. Affective involvement (the state of arousal) mediated the relationship between microblog emotionality and information diffusion. In addition, cognitive involvement (self-relevance of the message) moderated the relationship between emotionality and information diffusion. Specifically, highly self-relevant messages with high emotionality were the most likely to be retweeted.


陳爽、張錚、王可欣、周明潔(2017)。〈社會事件類微博的情緒性對資訊傳播的影響—捲入度的作用〉。《傳播與社會學刊》,第41 期,頁119–147。

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Chen, S., Zhang, Z., Wang, K.-X., & Zhou, M.-J. (2017). The influence of emotionality on the diffusion of information on microblogs about social events: The effect of involvement. Communication & Society, 41, 119–147.
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