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修辭建構的「天意」: 《易傳》的擬天手法分析
The Rhetorical Construction of “the Will of Heaven”: The Method of Heavenification in the Yizhuan
作者 蕭小穗
Author Xiaosui XIAO
關鍵詞 比擬、擬天、修辭建構、宗教傳播、《周易》
Keywords analogue method, heavenification, rhetorical construction, religious communication, The Book of Changes
摘要 本文探討中國宗教傳播研究中一個尚未得到重視的問題:那些流行至今的占卜算命活動如何可以說服觀眾相信,它們真有通天的能力?作者認為,這些活動的成功之處在於占卜者巧妙地採用了一套「效法天道」的程式,並利用了這種「擬天手法」來建構他與上天的聯繫。《周易》,數千年來作為傳授天地機宜的天書聖典,是這一修辭建構的經典。本文重點分析《易傳》的擬天手法,特別關注這樣的問題:《易傳》作者如何成功地建構起「易與天地准」的神話,從而確立起《周易》測算和解釋天意的神聖地位。
Abstract A perplexing but ignored question concerning the pervasion of divination and fortune-telling in Chinese societies is how the diviners are able to convince people that they have actual access to the secret of Heaven. Their success is explained in this essay by examining how the diviners strategically make use of a procedure that appears to be in accordance with the course of Heaven, called “heavenification,” (擬天手法) to build apparent connections with Heaven. Heavenification is a complex process of rhetoric. There are, in theory, infinite ways in which Heaven and human beings can be compared. What specific parallels should be drawn for the benefit of the diviners to establish communication with Heaven and, more importantly, to persuade other people to accept this communication is not an easy decision. The diviners have to take into consideration not only their contemporaries’ understanding of the concept of Heaven but also their expectation of what the will of Heaven might appear to be at the time. The book of changes, or Zhouyi (《周易》), accepted for thousands of years as the key to the mystery of transformation, is a classic example of this rhetorical construction. This essay analyzes the method of heavenification used in Yizhuan, the Commentaries appended to Zhouyi. The analysis shows that the commentators have systematically interpreted Zhouyi and established a legendary status for it as a book “containing the measure of heaven and earth,” thus legitimizing its position in predicting and explaining the will of Heaven in China.


蕭小穗(2010)。〈修辭建構的「天意」:《易傳》的擬天手法分析〉。《傳播與社會學刊》,第14 期,頁103–130。

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Xiao, X. (2010). The rhetorical construction of “the Will of Heaven”: The method of heavenification in the Yizhuan. Communication & Society, 14, 103–130.
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